Akcoat Ceramic Products is a company highly specialized in the manufacturing, sale and distribution of ceramic stains and digital injection inks, counting with a well experienced human team in the ceramic field. Our company has branches in several countries, being present at the most important international exhibitions in the ceramic sector. It also counts with a total ecological manufacturing process to respect the Environment..





The effects achieved within the range INKJET MASTER perfectly integrates the essence of the most traditional ceramics with the most advanced digital technology. The products created have the same qualities and advantages that digital inks, providing to the material the effect that ideally complements to use ceramic tiles of all technologies and sizes.

The range of digital injection inks INKJET MASTER combines advanced technology with a wide color range, which enables the production of ceramics piece of extraordinary features, both technical and aesthetic.

With INKJET MASTER by Akcoat, we obtain:

• Excellent and wide color range. • High intensity and hue of inks, ranking among the top in the market.
• immediately to any of the systems current print Adaptation.
• Very high stability and durability of the inks.
• Total environmental security, formulated with NO dangerous products without labeling ADR / IMDG / ICAO .

Digital printing combined with our range of inks INKJET  MASTER revolutionizes the performance
and the traditional methods.